Santa Clara River

The Santa Clara river watershed is threatened by devastating increases in multiple environmental impacts caused by agricultural, industrial and development activities. Draw down of water in the river and the destruction of open space threatens over one hundred species considered to be threatened, endangered or sensitive by government agencies. The destruction of this watershed would also have bearing on the overall quality of life in Southern California as wild spaces are made more scarce every year.

Visual Journeys is currently seeking funds to create compelling imagery of the Santa Clara river watershed. These photographs will be put to use in a variety of public relations, lobbying and educational efforts. Visual Journeys will do this through multiple efforts with other organizations working to protect these areas. These organizations include California Wild Heritage Campaign, California Wilderness Coalition, The Sierra Club, Friends of the Santa Clara River and the newly formed Coalition to Protect the Santa Clara River.

Visual Journeys is seeking donations of Film and Processing as well as Financial backing for this project.

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