Los Padres Forest

Los Padres forest hosts 100,000 acres of roadless areas that are threatened by proposed oil and gas leasing. These areas harbor 20 species considered to be threatened endangered or sensitive by government agencies. A number of these roadless areas are considered to be ideal Wilderness and have been proposed as such under the California Wild Heritage act. Oil and gas development would threaten the species that live in Los Padres National Forest and destroy land that currently could be classified as wilderness.

There is an urgent need for high quality photographs of the Los Padres forest specifically areas that could be classified as wilderness and are threatened with oil and gas extraction. Compelling images are needed for a variety of public relations, education and lobbying efforts. These photographs will be of great value for multiple efforts to preserve this significant part of California’s wild heritage.

Visual Journeys is working with the California Wild Heritage Campaign and the California Wilderness Coalition on this project.

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