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Galapagos: "At What Cost" UPDATE 05/06/10

In six weeks we plan to begin the final edit of our timely documentary now entitled "Darwin's Dying World". We have been fortunate to secure international distribution through "Off the Fence". However, we still need to raise funds to complete the final edit of the program.

In the two years that we have been working on this project the situation in Galapagos has grown worse. Now, the Galapagos penguins have become infected with Avian Malaria - a deadly killer responsible for the wholesale extinction of many bird species throughout the world. While it is possible that Avian Malaria arrived naturally to the Galapagos - it never could have been transmitted without the introduced Culex mosquito which, arrived by plane along with a number of well meaning tourists.

Galapagos continues to be unique in the world as a place that has never seen an extinction of one of its fantastic bird species but, now the threat of extinction is possible within the next 5 years.

It is more important now then ever to protect Darwin's legacy; a legacy that allows us to better understand our role in the universe and teaches us to use that knowledge to preserve life on Earth.

Our program will educate all those that set foot on Galapagos in ways that they can prevent catastrophe while on these fragile islands. It will also educate and compel decision and policy makers to take swift action to protect these fragile yet enchanted islands.

Help us tell this important story.

We need your support.

CALL NOW for information on how you can help. 818.469.1185

Or click below to make a contribution through our fiscal sponsor Sahalie Publishing.


If you are interested in receiving additional information on 'At What Cost' or a copy of our teaser, please email us -- And please be sure to **have a look** at some photographs from our trip.

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February 26, 2009

Visual Journeys and the Santa Clara River

The anxiously awaited traveling photographic exhibit entitled: Wildlands of the Santa Clara River Watershed. Is now complete and will be touring southern California for the next two years. The exhibit was produced by Visual Journeys and South Coast Wildlands with the generous support of the Santa Clara River Trustee Council. Many photographs in the exhibit were shot with a grant from the California Wildlands Grassroots Fund and the help of Lighthawk to document the growing threat that relentless development poses to the important species and habitat in the rivers watershed. Many of the photographs produced by Visual Journeys of the Santa Clara River have been distributed widely and used by The American Rivers Campaign to list the Santa Clara River as one of the 10 most endangered rivers of 2005

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December 12, 2007

'At What Cost' Documentary Project

Visual Journeys will start production of 'At What Cost' a documentary film which will educate viewers about the looming environmental crisis in the Galapagos Islands.

Our documentary explores the impacts of a growth economy on the complex ecosystems found in the Galapagos Archipelago. We will also explore what aspects and psychology of the human condition perpetuate the unending plunder of every habitat on Earth, including our own, for the sake of economic gain.

The cause and effect relationship between human action and environmental consequence is easily visible in the Galapagos Islands because of the pristine conditions found there and the immense scientific understanding of the species and their habitat. The argument for conservation in the Galapagos is made even more compelling because the Galapagos archipelago is considered to be the pre-eminent place on the planet to study evolution at a time of mass extinction.

For more information on this project or to find out how you can help support this important and timely documentary film please contact

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October 1, 2007

Visual Journeys and the Sierra Club

On September 29th Visual Journey's Director Andrew Harvey traveled with the Sierra Club to create photographs that will be used in the clubs Southern California Forests Campaign. Visual Journeys has been providing photographs for the Campaign since 2005 when it was awarded a contract with the Sierra Club to provide compelling images and documentation aimed at preserving Southern California's 4 forests. The last scheduled shoot was completed in 2006 on Cahuilla Mountain in the San Bernardino National Forest.

In August of 2007 a new and urgent need to photograph the proposed Cucamonga wilderness additions were brought to the attention of Visual Journeys. The problem was that there was no budget to create compelling images for the preservation of this important California habitat. Visual Journeys stepped in to provide a full day of photography and another day of editorial services to support this important preservation effort at no cost.

We will be posting a new journey called '4 Forests' in the spring of 2008.

In the meantime please visit the Sierra Club online for more information.

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September 15, 2007

Visual Journeys and the Foundation for Deep Ecology

Visual Journeys is proud to announce its contribution of photographs to the recently published Book Thrillcraft: The Environmental Consequences of Motorized Recreation. For information on how to purchase copies please contact us at or by phone at 310-399-4138.

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